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Being locked out of your car can be stressful. It’s even worse when this happens in the dead of the night, or when the weather is terrible. Imagine being locked out of your car on a night when it’s cold and snowing heavily. You really would like to get back into the warmth of your car as quickly as possible. Better still, you’ll just love to be able to drive back home quickly, drink a hot cup of coffee and curl up in your bed. The only real solution to a lockout from your car is a skilled locksmith who will quickly pick open the lock or make a key right there, in minutes.

This is precisely why Logan Locksmith Shop has a whole fleet of mobile locksmith units on call 24 x 7 in Tempe, AZ area, throughout the year, weekdays, weekends and even on holidays. Each of our units is fully equipped with all the latest equipment and technology that even if you need to make a high tech laser cut key or a transponder key, we can do it in minutes, right there at that very spot. You’ll never have our locksmiths say they need to take the measurements of the key back to headquarters.

Modern vehicular locks are quite sophisticated and to ensure that any issues with them are dealt with swiftly, one needs to have the technical know-how of the complex locking devices. We ensure that we recruit only the best technicians on our team and put them through rigorous evaluation programs to ensure that they can meet modern automotive locksmith demands. Apart from rigorous training, our locksmiths also keep themselves updated with the latest trends and fads in the industry. Whether it’s a car door lock, ignition repair, or unlocking of a trunk, we’ll have it open in a few minutes. Yes, even the most complicated computerized car locks are dealt with such ease and professionalism - you will be surprised.

Some of the more common services we offer include:

Logan Locksmith Shop Tempe, AZ 480-612-9502

  • Emergency re-entry services
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Re-keying of locks
  • Creating duplicate key
  • New car keys made on site
  • Broken key extraction
  • Ignition repairs
  • Transponder key creation
  • Ignition key development
  • Laser car keys provision
  • Attending to locked trunks, car doors etc
  • Repair and maintenance of automobile locks
  • Installation of effective locking devices for your vehicle
  • Electronic lock installation and repair

No matter the situation, being locked out of your car will always cause stress, anger, and at times, fear. Rest easy, knowing that once you give us a call, we’ll respond quickly. Our team of specialized auto locksmiths can provide you with re-entry of your vehicle at impressive speeds, so that you can get back on the road quickly, by providing you with a new, fully functional set of keys in less time than what it would take to replace your window. As if our on-site key replacement services weren’t enough, we are also much more affordable than what your car dealer would charge for such services. 

Naturally, we are the most popular choice for vehicular locksmith needs in Tempe, AZ area. Call us today on 480-612-9502 and experience our revolutionary locksmith services today!

Logan Locksmith Shop Tempe, AZ 480-612-9502